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I'm Eunhee ♥
I need a true friend.
Please don’t come close and fake to me if you are not care about me.
Carrie: I know I have you guys. I hate myself a little for saying this but… it felt really sad not to have a man in my life who cares about me. No special guy to wish me happy birthday. No goddamn soul-mate… and I don’t even know if I believe in soul-mates.Charlotte: Don’t laugh at me but maybe we could be each other’s soul-mates  And then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with.
true… -_-

"There is a moment when your friend suddenly truns into an enemy.
When an enemy stays as an enemy, it’s not dangerous at all.
But when you can’t tell a friend from an enemy, things become serious.
When the moment comes, though no one ever intended it, how on earth would we deal with it?
If we have an answer for that, we are professionals.”


구차하게 연연해 하지 말아야지.너랑 있는 이 순간도 너무 좋고 따뜻해도..연연해 하지 말아야지.그립지 말아야지.단념하지 않으면 구차해질뿐이니깐 애원하지 말아야지.